If you're going to spend time looking for two people embracing in a biblical sense, you want to see celebrities doing it, right?

The Hottest Celebrities:

Pamela Anderson

Katie Price and her then-boyfriend Dane Bowers had a sex video stolen and leaked onto the Internet. It's known for its very X-rated closing scene. Pamela Anderson is the queen of sex tapes. She made one with Tommy Lee and one with Bret Michaels. Actress Jennifer Lopez made a raunchy honeymoon tape with ex-husband Ojani Noa where she exposes her genitals and there's supposedly 20 minutes of nudity. Not all celebrity sex tape videos should see the light of day. This formerly cute muppet decided that a hot night of passion with his girlfriend should be made available for the whole world to view. Instead of being sexy and alluring it is vulgar and repulsive.